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Beneath the surface

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Whilst everyone is busy hauling nets, who's steering the ship?

So running an IT Recruitment business can be tough at times and bring with it rough seas (anyone care to remember 2009?), but our job has been to remain true to our course and head towards uncharted territories.

At the helm of the operation are two people that have dedicated their professional lives to the task of building a sustainable IT recruitment consultancy that knows exactly which talent pools to head for when conditions are right.

Christopher Wilkes-Green - Managing Director - Catchfish.net caught 13th June 2005

Christopher Wilkes-Green

Managing Director

Managing Director and founder of Catchfish, Chris brings with him a wealth of industry expertise after spending his entire career within IT recruitment.  He lives and breathes the IT recruitment sector and understands the market far better than many recruiters would ever dare to. He stops at nothing to find the right people for his clients and over the years has gained quite the reputation for finding those "impossible to locate" candidates! Even when the fish are hiding in the darkest of places, he knows exactly where to look - and which bait to use!

Recruitment is like fishing. You only get to eat if you know how to catch

Tracey-Ann - Principal Consultant - Catchfish.net caught 3rd February 2014

Tracey-Ann Ginger

Managing Consultant

Tracey-Ann heads up the team at CatchFish and is well known in the industry, having over 18 years of IT Recruitment experience. As a professional geek Tracey-Ann has a passion for all things technical. Whilst account managing some of our biggest clients she also steers a steady ship – and leads CatchFish’s relentless pursuit for professionalism and customer excellence.

You can contact Tracey-Ann directly on 01252 494 151 or tag@catchfish.net

Sometimes the brightest fish are hiding in the most surprising places