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Looking to scale the career ladder?

If you're beginning to feel like a big fish in a small pond, or even if you just think the seaweed may be a little greener elsewhere, we are here to place you in the correct role.

Happiness comes first

Job satisfaction is a combination of many things, only one of which is remuneration. The IT sector is uniquely filled with people that care about careers not just jobs, and each new role should be mentally stimulating and exciting.

Lots of technical people are rubbish at interviews

Hey that's cool, some are some aren't. Our job is to help the client see beyond your ability to sell yourself in 60 pressurised minutes, and let them understand what you really bring to an organisation.

Would you like to be treated with respect?

We won't make it excruciating when you pick up the phone to us, we won't give up on you for turning down a role, and we won't bombard you with calls when you do find that new job.

Simple efficient communication

Our aim is to arm you with all the facts you need to understand a new role. From the vibe of the business, to the precise remuneration package through to clear instructions on how to get to an interview.

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Safely in the net

Some of our happy catches that landed the perfect role with Catchfish

paul ayres


"Catchfish were extremely efficient in finding me a lucrative contract role and quickly placed me in a contract which closely matched my skills and requirements."

paul garrow

thomson reuters

"I would happily recommend Charntel to anyone looking for a career change and strongly advise you to forward your CV if you are looking for a new challenge."

joanne allanson

software solutions

"The CatchFish team are people who understand people! They make it their priority to understand their candidates, client businesses, vision, role, and culture and within a week of registering with them, I had completed my interview process and was under offer with a great company!!"

aman rana


"As a result of Catchfish’s tenacity, I have found the ideal job for me, and would have no hesitation in using Catchfish expertise and advice in the future."

declan chellar


"When there is work to be done, Catchfish are tenacious and driven and where results are to be had, they produce them. I am happy to recommend Catchfish recruitment services to anyone."